Mid-Autumn Festival!

Come celebrate the mid-autumn festival with us this Friday! We will be meeting at Mesa Nueva’s community lounge at 6:30pm to have a time to eat some good food, enjoy mooncake, and hang out! Hopefully the evening sky will be clear so we can see the moon :)


IGSM Open House!

We will be having our IGSM Open House next Tuesday, September 20th, at Qualcomm Room (in Warren College, Jacobs School of Engineering building). Come join us to meet new friends and learn more about our group!


IGSM Welcome Night!

We will be having our IGSM Welcome Night at Price Center Forum on Tuesday, September 24th, at 6:30pm! This is our big welcome event where we will be having a lot going on - come check it out for some good food, a special talk, live music, and some games afterwards!